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October 25, 2011 PHP 0 Comments

Seconds to String

This function will return the duration of the given time period in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

e.g. secondsToStr(1234567) would return “14 days, 6 hours, 56 minutes, 7 seconds”
[code type=php]
function secondsToStr($secs) {
if($secs>=86400){$days=floor($secs/86400);$secs=$secs%86400;$r=$days.’ day’;if($days<>1){$r.=’s’;}if($secs>0){$r.=’, ‘;}}
if($secs>=3600){$hours=floor($secs/3600);$secs=$secs%3600;$r.=$hours.’ hour’;if($hours<>1){$r.=’s’;}if($secs>0){$r.=’, ‘;}}
if($secs>=60){$minutes=floor($secs/60);$secs=$secs%60;$r.=$minutes.’ minute’;if($minutes<>1){$r.=’s’;}if($secs>0){$r.=’, ‘;}}
$r.=$secs.’ second’;if($secs<>1){$r.=’s’;}
return $r;



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