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December 26, 2011 Marathi Songs 9 Comments

Ek jhoka (एक झोंका) Chaukat Raja – Video / MP3 download song

चित्रपट : चौकट राजा (१९९१)
गीत : सुधीर मोघे
संगीत : आनंद मोडक
गायिका : आशा भोसले

Lyrics of song – Ek jhoka (एक झोंका)

Video song –

Download Mp3 Song:

Click title to download –  Ek Jhoka (9154 downloads)

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9 Responses to “Ek jhoka (एक झोंका) Chaukat Raja – Video / MP3 download song”


  1. sandeep patil says:

    hi sandy nice 2 mt u n thnx a lot coz of u i can download one of my best song from movie chaukat raja plz can u arrange me another song from this movie which is “He Jeevan Sundar Ahe”

    thnx n regards

  2. Madhav bharose says:

    Hi sandip thank u for found my favorite song your site is very useful

  3. Aparna says:

    Thanks Sandy for ek jhoka…one of the best song and fav of my daughter Harshi 🙂

  4. omkar says:

    thanks sandy…

  5. bakul sonavane says:

    Sundar ganya sathi sundar sa abhaar…

  6. vivek diware says:

    thanks sandy for this song, and stoping my search for EK ZOKA

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