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October 17, 2012 Just like that, Personal 3 Comments

New Life, New Hope, New Beginning, A New Change

New Life, New hopeThink a new thought;
Accept a new responsibility;
Memorize a new song;
Try a new recipe;
Plan a new adventure;
Entertain a new idea;
Learn a new language;
Enjoy a new experience;
Make a new friend;
Read a new book;
See a new movie;
Climb a new hill;
Scale a new mountain;
Launch a new career;
Find a new purpose;
Fill a new need;
Light a new lamp;
Exercise a new strength;
Grasp a new truth;
Practice a new awareness;
Encourage a new growth;
Affirm a new beginning;
Discover a new answer;
Dream a new dream;
Build a new life;
Open a new door;
Explore a new possibility;
Capture a new vision;
Start a new chapter;
Seek a new challenge;
Express a new confidence;
Write a new plan;
Turn a new page;
Follow a new direction;
Be a new person;
Radiate a new enthusiasm.

Credit to :  Bhavya Siddappa

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3 Responses to “New Life, New Hope, New Beginning, A New Change”


  1. Seema says:

    New Life, New Hope, New Beginning, A New Change
    Very nice written ..keep it up …….best of luck

  2. Kapil Nimbalkar says:

    Hello Sandy,

    Superb thinking and lovable, memorial and positive comments I have ever seen.


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